Advanced Google Hacking Operators

This is next part to Google Hacking, here we will discus some more search queries used for foot-printing. So following are your new queries, don’t just read them practice them, you’ll need a good practice of advanced operators just because they are more prone to give false positives.

This query will search web pages for the word specified after related. Please copy paste example in search engine and press enter.
Example: related:bill gates

This query not only brings you definition and dictionary meaning of word but can also reveal you information about victims company. Try following query.
define:your name

This query is used to reveal history geography of word typed after it. Try following queries,
info:days of life of devil

This will search every occurrence of word typed after it, it will not only search URL and title but also the text in body. Try this,
intext: google hacking
intext:xtra web

This will search links to the URL that you will specify after it. Try following queries,
Now following are some other queries try them and see results yourself,
phonebook:bill gates
Please try them and let me know if you are facing any problem or any of those queries are not performing as you expected. Once you are good enough to use them we will discus how to use search queries to find files, folders, songs, movies, user-names and passwords.

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