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Counter Hack Reloaded:

Product: Book On Ethical Hacking
Pages: 784
Writers: Ed Skoudis, Tom Liston
Publisher: Prentice Hall
I have never read previous edition of Counter Hack but I always knew it is one of the most sold books on hacking. By the way when I read its second edition I got why its creating so much hype in professional security world.

Hacker’s Underground Handbook:

Product: Book On Hacking
Name: The Hacker’s Underground Handbook
Pages: 122
Writer: David Melnichuk
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Level: Beginner
When I read this book I hardly felt anything underground about it. The book covers most basic things about computer and information security.

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An Introduction To Keyloggers RATs And Malware:

Product: Book
Subject: Malware
Name: An Introduction To Keyloggers RATS And Malware
Pages: 75
Writer: Rafy Baloch
I think this is third product from Rafay. If you have been online for searching about hacking you might already be knowing about Rafay’s blog which is one of the well known blog’s on security online and have page rank 4. As a hacker when I read any book I love to read deeper descriptions and brief detailing but that was not this book was all about.
Head First HTML:
If you are novice hacker or even if you are new to programming and want to know from where to start your journey to programming then I must tell you most seasoned as well as new programmers will agree to start with HTML. HTML can not be really considered as programming language but still its always better to start with something that’s easy and mostly used.
As a first time programming student many people get horrified with variables, commands, symbols, scripts etc. Head First HTML is designed to tackle all those problems and make learning enjoyable. Though book was published few years ago its still good to start with it for anyone to HTML from novice to seasoned programmer.

C Programming Language:

As a hacker there is real hot need for you to know programming. And there’s no better programming language to start than C programming language which is still considered as mother of all other programming languages. But I am still confused to suggest from which book you should start your journey since the books I have read so far on C programming languages aren’t that complete to give a novice a good start. Most of the Indian readers will say “Let Us C” is good to start, but I have read all editions of “Let Us C” since its 5th edition and I am quite surprised how book have survived its stance even if it always had no major update and programming style is too much to keep a programmer confused beginner. I found it of no might before other books that I have read so far on programming same language.
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C A Modern Approach by K.N. King:

Since long I have joined mailing list of Alex Allain, if you don’t know who is Alex then I must tell you Alex maintains one of the most popular and most loved C Programming forum and mailing list which have more than 16k subscribers. That number is not a joke, at regular intervals Alex sends me some real cool programming stuffs and challenges due to which even though I am not a regular coder since last year I have managed to keep my programming skills safe from becoming a total crap. If you haven’t joined any mailing list for programming Alex’s list is damn good to join because they don’t spam you by sending unwanted emails everyday. Once they recommeneded me a book on C programming via mailing list, I think I must share his recommendation with you since Alex has got several year experience in teaching programming online as well as offline. Most of my readers have hard time trusting me for a right programming book just because I don’t have several years experience in programming and teaching, if you are among them you must not have problem trusting Alex. So, here’s the book recommendation sent by them in their mail, read it carefully it’s unedited.
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Object Oriented Programming In C++:

Product: Book
Subject: Programming Language C++
Name: Object Oriented Programming In C++
Pages: 1040
Writer: Robert Lafore
Publisher: SAMS
Level: Beginner to Experienced
Want to learn programming skipping C then this book will be really a good choice for you. I don’t usually praise any book but this book is worth praise. It can act as both reference as well as tutorial. The book has been designed to make a beginner a crafted programmer. You ‘ll not just learn C++ but will also learn how to program like a true programmer.

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The Complete Reference Linux:

Product: Book
Subject: Linux
Name: The Complete Reference Linux
Pages: 830
Writer: Richard Pitersen
Publisher: McGraw Hill Osborne Media
If you want to become hacker you can’t deny the fact that you must know about different OS and if you are a penetration tester there’s no way you can pull your hands away from Linux. Since Linux is more like UNIX if you master Linux, you can say you know something about UNIX too.

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