Bypass Any Windows Password Using ISO Tools

In this section we will discus about how to bypass Windows logon password using ISO tools. ISO image/tool is nothing but a CD/DVD image, you have to burn all these ISO images to a CD/DVD to make them work.
KON BOOT currently known as most powerful ISO password breaking tool since it can’t only bypass Windows password during log on but can also bypass Linux passwords during log on. The powerful feature of KON BOOT is that it does not ask for password nor it resets it, just boot with CD and any OS installed in your Hard Disk will boot without asking for password, reboot again and all passwords will remain intact, so your victim can never suspect about someone just had look in his/her PC. I still don’t know how this works but surely its an awesome master piece.
Countermeasure: Use some good Full Disk Encryption tool like Best Crypt or its free alternative True Crypt.
OphCrack is one of the best known tool for Windows Password Recovery. At present it also supports some Linux flavors. OphCrack uses Rainbow Tables technique to recover Windows passwords. In Rainbow Tables method the password hash is compared to per-compiled hash database once the hash matches you get password.
Countermeasure: Use very strong password like this q@2Db4LecIl). No rainbow table utility can ever crack this kinda password.
Offline NT Password And Registry Editor:
Offline NT Password And Registry Editor does not recover password but it deletes password hash from SAM file removing password forever. Tool is text based and hence can be difficult for beginners to operate.
Countermeasure: Use a Full Disk Encryption tool.
Note: Each and every tool described here can crack all available versions of Windows. My personal say is to use OphCrack.

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