Create Con Folder In Windows

Now many times you might have heard we can’t make con folder in windows. The reason is “con” name acts as system device for windows shell. Where “con” means “Console” that is your keyboard its not just con but there are some other names too that are disallowed to use as folder name since they also act as device name. For example,
com1 : communication port-1
com2: communication port-2
lpt1: line printer-1
lpt2: line printer-2
that means is it impossible to create folders with these names, the answer is names. If it was impossible then why the hell I am writing this post for. You can’t create con folder using windows GUI by right clicking and adding new folder entry for this you have to use command prompt.
Open command prompt and type,
c:\>mkdir \\.\\c:\con
where c:\con should be full path to the location where you want to create con folder. Once created you’ll not be able to delete this directory as you normally delete other directories. To delete it type whole command as it is as you typed to create it and then replace mkdir with rmdir.
In same way you can also create and delete other folder names which windows does not allow by default.

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