DoS Attack Tools | Tools Used For Denial Of Service Attacks

In this post we will discus a little about tools that can be used for DoS attacks. Please note that tools used for DoS attacks and DDoS are different, here we will discus only those tools which are used for DoS attack not those which are used for DDoS.
Most of the DoS tools are nothing but programs written by programmers, by the way you don’t need to know about programming to understand and run these tools. These tools may be OS specific or platform independent depending on what condition the programmers has built the code.
Jolt is DoS tool used to exploit vulnerability in windows networking code. It allows attacker to consume 100% of CPU time by sending packets that needs heavy CPU usage for processing. Though it is specially designed for windows it really isn’t platform specific. The most vulnerable server to it is Windows 2000 Server.
It is a C program when compiled can be used against windows and Linux. Linux versions which were not updated since kernel are vulnerable along with windows 2003 server
Land tool sends victim request by spoofing IP address of packet with IP address of victim. Since IP address of source and destination are same, system crashes as system starts flooding itself with packets.
It also works as Land tool but it sends TCP packets to more than one port number.
One of the most horrible DoS tool in list is Targa. Targa can launch DoS attack in all possible types of DoS attacks. Its efficiency increases exponentially with more number of PC’s.
Blast is TCP services stress test tool but can also be used for launching DoS attack against unprotected server.
It is a program that generates random packets with random port number and IP address and floods victim with it.
Its a packet flooding program that can overload a network connection with ICMP packets by sending fast ping requests causing a DoS attack.
Crazy Pinger:
It is also DoS tool of category flooder. It sends very large packets of ICMP to target.
It is a scrip-table server stress testing tool. This takes a text file as input and runs a server through a series of tests based on input. The purpose of this tool is to find buffer overflows of DoS points in a server.

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