Dump Passwords Using Pwdump6 and Fgdump

One of the crucial stage in hacking is dumping passwords. As we know passwords are stored in encrypted form in system, these encrypted passwords needs to be dumped to be cracked before using some good password cracking tool like Lopht Crack, John The Ripper etc. But before we crack passwords lets make our-self aware of two cool password hash dumping tools.
It is modern version of pwdump3 program that was written to crack Windows 2k and Windows NT passwords few years back. It is able to extract passwords in-spite of syskey feature is enabled or not on system. At present pwdump can dump passwords for Windows 2k/XP/2003/Vista/2008. No matter how many OS it supports the tool comes handy when you want to dump password hashes from server OS. Pwdump works on remote system by running hash extraction as service because Windows NT systems allows services to be installed remotely.
Click here to download and read details about how to use it.
It is utility to dump passwords on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista systems. Fgdump was once started as wrapper to pwdump and now stands out as independent password dumping program.
Click here to download and read details about how to use it.
Note: Both programs will get detected as virus or Trojans by any anti-virus so before using them you have to disable your anti-virus as well as firewall. Don’t forget to read details about how to use them properly since sometimes improper use may lead to system reboot and that’s why I am not personally providing any tutorial on how to use it. Be careful while using these programs.

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