Facebook’s Brand New Messenger App For iPhone And Android Released, Get It Right Here!

facebook_messenger-631x946Facebook yesterday confirmed that the new look Messenger app has been expanded to all Android and iOS users. Initially released to a select group of users a few weeks back, it’s a refreshed feel that looks more modern and inviting. If you have not yet received the update, check your notifications or Google Play Store app for the latest version. More details and direct download links for both platforms can be found right here.


In the day and age where SMS is facing an epic decline, IM services are booming. BBM for iPhone and Android was launched not that long ago, which broke the mold of exclusive same-platform messaging, and soon after, Facebook replied with its own implementation in the form of an enhanced and updated Messenger app for both iOS and Android.

The new Messenger app takes cues from a lot of IM based apps already in existence, and more prominently WhatsApp and Viber. By that we mean it now features phone number integration right off the bat, which makes it easier to contact those that are already in your phonebook, negating the need of actually having the contact added in your Facebook friends list. These fancy new SMS replacements are no good if we can’t find the people we want to communicate with, of course.


The newly designed app also grants you the ability to see which of your contacts are using the app, making it easier for you to get in touch with them. Furthermore, going through your friends that are already in your contacts list has been made much easier, all thanks to the refined and refreshed user interface.

To wrap things up, the new Messenger app now lets you send photos to your contacts privately, granting you that little sense of security.

At the time of writing, the new Messenger app is slowly being rolled out to everyone around the globe, and might just take a while to land on your device thanks to the sheer scale of what is needed to make an app available worldwide on a variety of different stores. Hang tight though, it’s on its way!


  • The new look – With a fresh, new look, Messenger is easier to get around. Tap across the top of the app or swipe left and right to see recent conversations, a list of the people you message, and settings.
  • Message your contacts – What about the people you text with who aren’t your Facebook friends? Now you just need a contact’s phone number to begin texting others using Messenger. To help people reach you, you’ll be asked to confirm your phone number.
  • Reach people faster -You’ll know which friends are using the app if you see the Messenger icon next to their name. If you see the Messenger icon, that means your friend is also using the mobile Messenger app, and will get notified instantly about your message.

For Android ==> click here to download

For iPhone ==> click here to download

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