Hacker’s Underground Handbook

Product: Book On Hacking
Name: The Hacker’s Underground Handbook
Pages: 122
Writer: David Melnichuk
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Level: Beginner
When I read this book I hardly felt anything underground about it. The book covers most basic things about computer and information security. Rather than naming it Underground Handbook it would be better to name it as Beginner’s Handbook.
The things covered are really very basic, cent percent this book aims at total beginners to hacking having minimum or no knowledge about computer security. There’s no doubt the book is damn good but surely for not those who are in security filed for more than an year.
David had covered limited topics so that a newbie can understand what hacking is all about, people who pick books to see number of topic covered as a person having at least keen knowledge about computer security will not really love reading it. The book is really good to start for beginner’s but sorry David not for pros.
My rating,
For Beginner: 5/5
Experienced: 2/5

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