How To Hack Facebook Account : The Web Browser Attack

In this following post I ll discus with you about how you can hack facebook account using tools that can attack web browser’s password safe. Each web browser has feature of storing passwords, every browser first encrypts that password and then stores it in password database but the fact is that their encryption method is so weak that these tools can retrieve passwords from them with or without master password enabled.
They can sometimes retrieve passwords even from cookies and caches stored by web browsers that means you only need your victim to use web browser at least for once. Here I am providing you link to those tools along with small description as per by their manufactures, all of them are free and one click and output ready tools, surely they don’t require tutorials just because result is obtained just by a single click.
Facebook Password Decryptor:
FacebookPasswordDecryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover stored Facebook account passwords stored by popular web browsers and messengers. Most of the applications store the Login passwords to prevent hassale of entering the password everytime by the user. Often these applications use their own proprietary encryption mechanism to store the login passwords including Facebook account passwords. FacebookPasswordDecryptor automatically crawls through each of these applications and instantly recovers the encrypted Facebook account password.
FacebookPasswordDecryptor presents both GUI interface as well as command line version, the later is more helpful for Penetration testers in their work. Apart from normal users who can use it to recover their lost password, it can come in handy for Forensic officials who can get hold of any stored Facebook Login passwords which can give vital clue in their investigation.
FacebookPasswordDecryptor is fully Portable software which can be directly run anywhere without installing locally. It also comes with Installer for those who wants to install it locally and use it on regular basis. It works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to latest operating system Windows 7.
Fire Master:
Firefox comes with built-in password manager tool which remembers username and passwords for all the websites you visit. This sign-on information is stored in the encrypted form in Firefox database files residing in user’s profile directory. However any body can just launch the password manager from the Firefox browser and view the credentials. Also one can just copy these database files to different machine and view it offline using the tools such as FirePassword.
Hence to protect from such threats, Firefox uses master password to provide enhanced security. By default Firefox does not set the master password. However once you have set the master password, you need to provide it every time to view sign-on credentials. So if you have lost the master password, then you have lost all the stored credentials as well.
So far there was no way to recover these credentials once you have lost the master password. Now the FireMaster can help you to recover the master password and get back all the sign-on information.
IE Password Decryptor:
IEPasswordDecryptor is the FREE tool to quickly and easily recover stored passwords from Internet Explorer. It can recover both Autocomplete and HTTP basic authentication passwords from IE secret store. User can double click on any of the entry to visit the website which makes it easy to verify sign-on passwords. It automatically detects the installed IE version and use appropriate technique to successfully decrypt all the stored passwords in plain text.
It also presents ‘IE History Manager’ interface which not only displays the contents of IE history in detail but also provides the option to add/remove websites with ease. User can save the displayed password list and IE history list to TEXT as well HTML file for offline verification & storage.
Opera Password Decryptor:
OperaPasswordDecryptor is the FREE tool to instantly recover the passwords stored by all versions of Opera. Like other internet browsers such as IE, Firefox etc Opera also stores the username/passwords for websites visited by user. However passwords are stored only if the user opts to save password during authentication. This is very useful feature as it prevents user from hassle of entering password everytime.
Opera stores the passwords along with username, website and other related information in the password file (wand.dat) in an encrypted format. OperaPasswordDecryptor automatically detect the secret password file location and decrypts the passwords instantly.
Safari Password Decryptor:
SafariPasswordDecryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover website login passwords stored by Safari web browser. Like other browsers, Safari also has built-in password manager which stores the login passwords for the visited websites so that user don’t have to enter the password every time. Safari uses its own local storage format and encryption mechanism to securely store these login passwords. SafariPasswordDecryptor helps in automatically recovering all such website login passwords stored by Safari.
SafariPasswordDecryptor presents both GUI interface as well as command line version, the later is more helpful for Penetration testers in their work. Apart from normal users who can use it to recover their lost password, it can come in handy for Forensic officials who can get hold of any stored Website login passwords.
SafariPasswordDecryptor works on most of the Windows platforms starting from Windows XP to latest operating system, Windows 7.
SX Password Suite:
SXPasswordSuite is the complete collection of all the FREE password recovery softwares released by It contains the latest version of all the password tools which makes it easy for the user to get all these tools at one place without worrying about downloading each of them separately.
Current version presents 6 new password recovery softwares BrowserPasswordDecryptor, iTunesPasswordDecryptor, MyspacePasswordDecryptor, PidginPasswordDecryptor, SafariPasswordDecryptor & YahooPasswordDecryptor. Also updates to few of the softwares with Safari support & fixes for Firefox.
All of these softwares work over wide range of platforms from Windows XP to latest Windows 7 version.
SXPasswordSuite includes following password recovery tools,
* BrowserPasswordDecryptor
* ChromePasswordDecryptor
* DigsbyPasswordDecryptor
* FacebookPasswordDecryptor
* FireMaster
* FireMasterLinux
* FirePassword
* FirePasswordViewer
* FTPPasswordSniffer
* GooglePasswordDecryptor
* IEPasswordDecryptor
* IMPasswordDecryptor
* iTunesPasswordDecryptor
* MirandaPasswordDecryptor
* MSNLivePasswordDecryptor
* MyspacePasswordDecryptor
* NetworkPasswordDecryptor
* OperaPasswordDecryptor
* OutlookPasswordDecryptor
* PaltalkPasswordDecryptor
* PidginPasswordDecryptor
* SafariPasswordDecryptor
* ThunderbirdPassDecryptor
* TrillianPasswordDecryptor
* TwitterPasswordDecryptor
* YahooPasswordDecryptor
Note: Password recovery tools are very much prone to activate your anti-virus to alarm. I ll advise you to disable your anti-virus programs while using these tools. The best part about above password recovery tools is most of them have portable versions. Please notify me if you find any of those links broken I will replace them with working links.

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