Two methods to unlock an Android [Pin,Password,Pattern]


Have you locked your Android device with pattern lock security? And have you forgotten a pattern for it? Don’t worry guys here is the simple way to break it.

Method 1

By using this method you can crack / unlock both, pattern lock as well as pin / password lock. But before you use this method, your device must have a custom recovery like CWM installed on it. Note that you may also require to root your device just in case if it doesn’t work by having CWM only.

Step 1 :

Download a Lockscreen bypass file from the link .

Step 2 :

Copy the downloaded zip file on your device’s internal / external memory

Step 3 :

Now, boot into recovery mode on your phone / tab . Every device has separate  combination for get into recovery mode . You can Google it incase if you don’t remember .

Step 4 :

After getting into recovery, select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard. Navigate to the file you’ve just transferred on your phone. Hit Power button to select the file and confirm the installation by selecting ‘Yes – Install’.

Step 5 :

As soon as installation gets completed, select ‘reboot system now’ to restart the phone.

Step 6 :

Once the phone gets rebooted, you’ll see that the pattern / password lock is still there. But don’t panic, just enter any pattern / password and it will get unlocked by itself.

Thanks to XDA

If the first method fails you can try the following Method.

Method 2 (Factory  Reset)

Note :

This is the easiest method but factory reset wipes the internal storage of your phone. This includes all apps, their settings, and all the files and data saved onto your internal storage.


  1. Switch off your phone
  2. Press volume up button and the power button (press volume down in case up button not work)
  3. keep on pressing until the logo appears
  4. After logo appeared release volume button
  5.  keep on pressing the power button and u will enter in the recovery mode
  6. select the wipe data/factory reset option.
  7. Once you have chosen the factory reset option, you will see a confirmation screen.
  8.  Select Yes delete all user data option and touch the Home button to select it.
  9. Now Select the reboot button and Your phone will reboot in normal mode
  10. Now it completely password unlocked.

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