L0phtCrack: Session Management

This is last part to L0phtCrack tutorial here we will discus how to manage password cracking sessions in L0phtCrack. To set specific password cracking session click on “session options” from “Auditing”. Following window will open in front of you.
As you can see for each session L0phtCrack offers, all kind of password attacks including dictionary attacks for all possible language dictionaries, hybrid attack, precomputed hash or rainbow tables attack and even brute force attack.
To perform dictionary attack on password hash you will need a standard open dictionary file for the language you want to perform attack. You can add your own dictionary files, by default English dictionary is used. Now you might ask where I can find other language dictionary and the answer is, since the dictionary format is open, any open dictionary language file will work, if you get problem finding dictionary then download OpenOffice.org extract its cab file, search for “*.dic” and pick up dictionary you want.
Next is if you want to use precomputed hash for password cracking you can do so by enabling “precomputed” option then importing rainbow table file in it. Sooner or later we will cover how to create your own rainbow table and how to create a password dictionary till then if you want to try precomputed hash, you can download rainbow table files from http://www.freerainbowtables.com/en/tables/
Last option is brute force attack, I think there’s no need to tell what is does but to use brute force attacker you surely need to buy L0phtCrack because trails version does not allow you to use brute force attack against password hashes. I hope I was easy covering all parts of L0phtCrack tutorial if you still have any problem don’t hesitate to ask.

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