Book Review | The Complete Reference Linux

Product: Book
Subject: Linux
Pages: 830
Writer: Richard Pitersen
Publisher: McGraw Hill Osborne Media
If you want to become hacker you can’t deny the fact that you must know about different OS and if you are a penetration tester there’s no way you can pull your hands away from Linux. Since Linux is more like UNIX if you master Linux, you can say you know something about UNIX too. The Complete Reference Linux is one of such books which are placed for those who are beginner or intermediate user to Linux.
When I started learning Linux I started with this book and found it quite useful. Reason is quite clear it covers everything from installation to security and administration. Though it covers it all I don’t mean they are covered in detail. Please note that this is reference book it covers all things in short so that you can get quick hands on Linux but don’t take it as you will not learn about Linux security and Administration is same book.
Yes you’ll learn them in this book but not in hot detail since the topics covered in Linux security and Administration will need book of nearly 1000 pages each. So if you are beginner or a user who want to improve his/her Linux skills then make your decision because my rating for this book is 4/5.

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