NetBIOS Enumeration Tools

In our last section we covered how to enumerate NetBIOS manually. Now we will have our look on tools that can be used for NetBIOS Enumeration . There are several Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools as well as Command Line Interface (CLI) tools available, here I will list only some of them and tell you about my personal preferences.

GUI Tools:

You might be knowing we have already covered superscan before leaving enumeration part for this post. Now since we covered basics of enumeration I hope you’ll not encounter problem using “Windows Enumeration” option in superscan.
MAC Address: Media Access Control (MAC) is unique address given to Network Interface Card(NIC)
RPC Endpoint Dump: Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a service that runs on a system and allows remote task execution. Every RPC service uses TCP/UDP protocol to communicate with clients. There might be case that an RPC is allocated port number dynamically with or without static IP address. Here RPC Endpoint service comes to play, it tells procedure about the port number RPC is using.
I hope we have already covered all other terminologies related to enumeration.

WinfingerPrint is tool of my choice for enumeration. It have nearly everything for enumerating a windows system and it also supports batch processing.
CLI Tools:
Please note that each command line tool provides its own switches for operation. Please have a look on their help pages for information on how they work. There is no unneccessary details available on help pages than swtiches and their use. They hardly make 15-20 lines, so please go through them to grasp material throughly.
It is next generation scanning and enumeration tool. It performs fast and reliable application protocol and port detection. Banner grabbing via amap is almost impossible to detect.
As a command line tool NBTScan is my choice. It performs full test and creates HTML file as an output unlike other command line tools.
Other Tools For NetBIOS Enumeration
Here we complete our NetBIOS enumeration, in further post we will discuss how to prevent NetBIOS enumeration and then pick up topic SNMP enumeration. Till then don’t forget to tell how was the post and please feel free to ask if you have any difficulties.

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