Object Oriented Programming In C++

Product: Book
Subject: Programming Language C++
Name: Object Oriented Programming In C++
Pages: 1040
Writer: Robert Lafore
Publisher: SAMS
Level: Beginner to Experienced
Want to learn programming skipping C then this book will be really a good choice for you. I don’t usually praise any book but this book is worth praise. It can act as both reference as well as tutorial. The book has been designed to make a beginner a crafted programmer. You ‘ll not just learn C++ but will also learn how to program like a true programmer.
The book is real big and you’ll spend more time with it to learn language because it not only explains programming language but also commonly made errors with it. The part I hated in book was inclusion of some non-ANSI programs in basic learning phase, I usually hate compiler specific programs because they are not portable I hate them more when they are used to teach basics. Rest the book is just good enough for learning and please skip graphics programs and non-ANSI programs if you want during learning phase because they’ll just waste your important time.
My rating: 4/5

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