Official Instagram App For Windows Phone Now! Get it Now!!


Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing social network, has long since lacked support for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, but following the recent news that a native Instagram for Windows app was on the horizon, the app has now, finally, turned up. Sure, it doesn’t include video recording just yet, so those on Windows Phone are still a bit behind their iPhone and Android-wielding counterparts, but after such a long wait and exhaustive will they, won’t they, it’s good to see that Facebook has finally delivered.

The news of Instagram for Windows Phone has been made public courtesy of an official blog post, which notes that of the 150 million folks currently active on the network, 30 million are connected via Android, which hit the Play Store  only last year in March. With tens of millions of Windows Phone users worldwide, the Instagram team has deemed it an audience enough to finally warrant an app.


The way the Windows Phone app works right now is a little more involved, and perhaps less seamless than those to which we’ve become accustomed on iOS and Android. For example, while users can upload photos they’ve taken, the app uses the native camera app rather than an integrated snapper, and at this point in time, there’s also no video support. Since the latter is still a fledgling feature, though, we’d expect there are a few kinks to iron out before it’s ready for prime time, and we’ll let you know as and when it does become available.


At this point, Instagram insists the app is a work in progress, but there are some recognizable features on board. Lots of filters – all of those found on the iOS and Android versions – and hey, if you were hoping for video sharing from the get-go, you can always use Vine’s new (and timely released) app for Windows Phone.


The general user interface bears the hallmarks of Instagram, but there’s also a smooth, Windows Phone feeling about proceedings. Grab it via the link below, and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.


Download Instagram for your Windows Phone ==> click here to download

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