Remote Administration Tool (Complete)

Finally we covered fourth and last part to Remote Administration Toll. Following are the post and what we covered in it. Please feel free to read them again if you were unable to understand anything and still if you have any difficulty you can surely ask using comment box.
The RAT (Remote Administration Tool): In this chapter we covered how we can build a RAT using RAT client cerberus.
The RAT (Remote Administration Tool)-2: In this post we discussed how an attacker manages to hide his RAT server in your PC in spite of strong and powerful Anti-Virus and malware detection suite.
The RAT (Remote Administration Tool)-3: Here we discussed how we can manually detect presence of RAT in system if Anti-Virus fails to detect it
The RAT (Remote Administration Tool)-4: This is last part here we covered how to take precautionary steps for keeping yourself safe from attacker’s tricks to fool you execute RAT server.

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