Share Your Apps with List My Apps

“Hey… uh, which apps should I download?”

So your friend or family member finally puts the trusty but long overdue Nokia 3310 into retirement and picks up a brand new Android phone. Good for them. Unfortunately, being the only person they’ve seen holding an Android phone as opposed to an iPhone, you’re stuck having to answer everything Android-related, including the ever elusive, “Which apps should I download?”

So rather than downloading the apps for themor citing each one manually, you might want to try List My Apps. Developed by XDA Forum Member onyxbits, List My Apps allows you to compile a list of app names and corresponding Play Store links, easing the process of sharing apps with one another. In the event that an app cannot be found on the Play store, a Google search link is provided.

Ever found yourself in this situation on a forum, on Reddit, Facebook, in a chat, or any other place? Wish you had an easy and painless way of quickly compiling a list of apps installed on your Droid? List My Apps does exactly that! It presents you with an inventory of your device, giving you the ability to select which apps to recommend to your friends on your favorite social network

There are multiple templates and formats already made available, each optimized for certain sharing intents, including:

  • Plain text
  • HTML list (useful for Drupal)
  • BBCode list (used by most forums)
  • Markdown list (use this on Reddit)


All formats can conveniently link apps back to the market from which they were installed (or to Google Search if no source can be determined).

List My Apps will definitely prove to be quite useful every time you’re wanted to share your favorite apps.

Download from Google Play Store ==> Click here to download

Download from The Original Website ==> Click here to download

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