Top 25 Tips and Tricks for Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Users (Cloud Print, Hangouts App, Ok Google, Screen Record and More)

Know the 25 tips, tricks and secrets on how to use, manage and optimize battery, features and performance of the device


Google Now with Voice Control

Similar to Moto X, Nexus 5 users can now say ‘Ok Google’ to access Google Now from the home screen using voice control. But first, setup the app by following this: “Google Now > Settings > Language & input > Voice search > Language > English (US).’

Improved Google Now

Add Widget Simplified Again

No need to open the app drawer to put widgets on the home screen but instead long press on the blank space of your home screen then select the widgets you like.

Quick Settings

Same with Android 4.2 and 4.3 Jelly Bean, swipe two fingers down from the top part of the screen to unhide the notifications area and toggle controls.

Lock Screen Widgets

Android 4.4 KitKat features lock screen widgets such as messaging, email, Google+ and more. Go to “Settings > Security > Enable widgets” then swipe left to right and tapped “+” to add widgets.

Wireless Printing

Printing can be made easy via Cloud Print service on the Nexus 5. Go to “Settings ” Cloud Print > Enable > Search for printers.”

Printing On The Go

Installing Non-Market Apps

You can still install apps not found from the Play Store but compatible with Android OS by following this line: “Settings > Security > Unknown sources.” Now select the installer aka APK on your file manage to install the app.

Owner Information on the Screen

In case you’re hopeful that your lost device bumps itself to Good Samaritan, put owner information so it may be returned to you. Go to “Settings > Security > Owner info > Type in info > Show owner info on lock screen.” Facebook or Twitter handles are good start as owner information.

Backup Data and Settings

For certain moments when you need to factory reset the Nexus 5, enable the ‘automatic restore’ feature to reinstall apps automatically. Go to “Settings > Backup & restore > Backup my data > Automatic restore.”

Immersive Mode

You can now read e-books and watch movie in full screen with Nexus 5 running Android 4.4. Once you open the apps, all other elements will be hidden and you can make them reappear by tapping on the screen.

Immersive Mode

Battery Drainers

Check the apps eating too much battery on your smartphone. Access the Quick Settings then tap the Battery tile to see full details of apps draining battery life on your device.

E-Book to Audio Book

Let Android 4.4 KitKat tell you the story by making e-books work like audio books. Go to “Settings > Accessibility > Enable Talk Back” then launch “Google Play Books > Settings > Automatically read aloud > High-quality voice” to hear good storytelling.

Music Library with Cloud-Based System

Google Music can store up to 20,000 of your own songs without any fee with accessibility from Web or any Android-powered device. Go to your computer > upload songs to Google Music Manager app and make sure to set streaming audio if you have limited data usability. This helps the storage problem Nexus 5 faces due to lack of microSD card support.

Integration With Cloud Storage

Android 4.4 comes support for cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive built into the operating system. This means that you can save and open directly from the cloud, without having to save into your device’s storage first. Apps such as QuickOffice are already able to take advantage of this integration and open documents directly from Google Drive on your Android device.

Cloud Integration

Face Unlocking

For cooler unlocking procedure, use the Face Unlock feature which debut back in Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Go to “Settings > Security > Screen lock > Face unlock.”


You can use live wallpapers on your Nexus 5 but only “Phase Beam” is available on the smartphone. You can download lots from Play Store if you desire including from various other Android phones. In addition, static wallpapers can now be previewed before setting it for your home screen.

Pure Hangouts

Since Hangouts support SMS/MMS integration, it may be unusual for some users expecting pure Hangouts messaging. Go to “Hangouts > Settings > Default SMS app > Select the SMS apps.” Doing this will require for you to download a third-party SMS app from the Play Store. you can change the default sms app by clicking here

Using Moods in Hangouts

As an added fun for Hangouts SMS/MMS service, you can set your mood to let your relatives and friends know what you feel or set emotions at specific given time. Go to “Hangouts > Settings > Set mood.”

New And Improved Hangouts

Snoozing Hangouts

You can snooze notifications on Hangouts for specific time according to your needs. Go to “Hangouts > Settings > Snooze notifications > Set time.”

Archiving Messages

Hangouts app allows archiving of both SMS/MMS and online messages on your device. Simply swipe left or right on the thread to put them in the archive list. Select “Settings inside Hangouts > Archived Hangouts” to view them again.

Gesture inside Hangouts

No need to press much on the back key just to get back on the message list inside Hangouts app, simply swipe left to go back or swipe right to view the recent message or select contacts.

Multiple Hangouts Account

Hangouts app on your Nexus 5 can access multiple Gmail accounts you have added on your Gmail app. Inside the Hangouts app, you can see one Gmail account and when you tap it, another account becomes an option.

Data Usage Monitor

Go to “Settings > Data usage” to determine your overall data consumption and which apps are dragging high data. You can also enable ‘restrict background apps’ to save data consumption.

Home Screen Folders

Same with Android Jelly Bean, hold then drag an icon to another to create new folder with renaming option as well.

Screenshot and Recording

Press and hold ‘Volume down + Power’ buttons at the same time to screen capture but Android 4.4 offers screen recording as well. Go to the Play Store then download Screen Record to enable recording of screen activity.

Built-In Sensors

Android 4.4 adds operating system support for two new composite sensors: step counter and step detector. This support will allow fitness app developers to access pedometer data without writing complex code and algorithms. This, coupled with the hardware sensor batching that reduces power consumed by sensors, means that Android 4.4 devices with compatible hardware, such as the Nexus 5, will be perfect for training and fitness purposes.

Built-In Sensors

System-Wide Closed Captioning

Android 4.4 improves user accesibility by adding support for system-wide closed captioning settings. You can set whether captions should be shown, the language captions will be shown for, and text-related settings such as size and font. Apps that use video will be able to access these settings and show on screen captions based on your settings.

System-Wide Closed Captioning

Play Games Portal

In Android 4.4 KitKat, Play Games portal now allows tracking of your score and achievements in compatible games and compared your best attempts with your friends and Google+ contacts.

Lock Screen Art

The Android 4.4 lock screen can now show more than just widgets. When you’re listening to music or streaming movies via Chromecast, your device’s lock screen will show the fullscreen album or movie art. The lock screen will also have dedicated controls to allow you to play, pause and seek, all from the lock screen.

Lock Screen Art

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  2. You do know about the Google Wallet improvements with this phone, right? It now works on any carrier with any credit or debit card. Compatible vendors include:

    1. McDonalds
    2. 7-Eleven
    3. Jamba Juice
    4. Rite-Aid
    5. Wallgreens
    6. Newer Coke vending machines
    7. Chevron
    8. CVS Pharmacy
    9. Others I can’t think of right now.

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