Trojan Vectoring False Linking

This is another method of vectoring Trojan by extension hiding. In fact you can hide any file’s extension using this method. This method is better known as False Linking or Fake Shortcut. To use this method while creating your Trojan server using RAT client bind it with file whose extension you want to use,
for example a simple text file with TXT extension. Now move your Trojan server in an empty folder. Change its extension to TXT.
Now right click on it and select create shortcut. Now rename shortcut name to same name that of Trojan file is, don’t change extension of shortcut file. Right click on shortcut file and click on properties. Now change target to,
C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c Trojan.txt
Start in to,
and select Run minimized.
Click on change icon and select an icon of text file(Google for free icons packs).
click on apply then OK. Now open command prompt and change directory to the location of Trojan file and type following command.
C:\Temp\>attrib +s +h +r Trojan.txt
where Trojan.txt is your Trojan file. This command will make Trojan.txt hidden from system. Now copy several text file in that folder and send folder to victim. When victim will double click on it your Trojan will get executed.

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