Using Super Scan

Super Scan be considered as one of the complete tool that can be used for scanning as well as getting domain information about target system along with windows enumeration. It can perform all stages of scanning and hence most of the time becomes best choice for every hacker on windows system. Here in this section we will see how to use Super Scan.
Type IP address of target you want to scan in Hostname/IP(1). If you want to add multiple IP/Hosts to scan press key near (4) and then specify another Host/IP in same field(1). To scan range of IP address type Start and End IP even this can be added to batch by pressing key near (2). If you want to add range of IP address then in notepad specify each IP/Host on new line and import it via (5).
You don’t need to bother about Hosts And Services and Scan Options because they are good enough by default, change them when get habitual of using Super Scan. The nest option is tools, here Super Scan provides you with several options used for getting domain name information and grabbing banner(process to get version of application victim is running).
Hostname/IP: Resolves host name and IP address.
Ping: Check system for being live.
ICMP Traceroute: Traces path by using ICMP packets.
Zone Transfer: It is part of enumerating system, we will discus it when we will cover enumeration.(Click Here)
Bulk Resolve: Import list of IP address and Host-names in form of text file.
HTTP/HTTPS: These options are used to perform banner grabbing in above image you can see when I scanned local host it gave output as Version of Apache server I have installed this helps in finding exploits to run on victim PC.
All other remaining tools will give you domain name information.
Windows Enumeration allows you to find out how much vulnerable the victim is for gaining access but that we will cover later. For now if you have any problem using tool, please ask for help. Let me know if something was difficult to understand.

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