How To Hack Facebook Account : Wireshark

In this tutorial we will have out look on how you can hack facebook account using wireshark. First of all I must clear you even though you’ll get access to victim’s account you’ll not get his/her password, next this trick will work only on LAN with hub. It will also work on LAN with switch but you’ll have to perform ARP poisoning, click on link to know more.
Here surely I ‘ll not discus how to use wireshark please read our previous tutorials to know how to use wireshark.
For this hack you’ll need wireshark which is a packet sniffing tool, Mozilla Firefox web browser and add n edit add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Now I assume you have all above components for hacking facebook and you are connected in a hub based LAN or LAN which has been ARP poisoned. So now click on capture button and start capturing packets.
Now using command line shell ping to get its IP address, filter all IP packets having IP address of and search for HTTP protocol followed by GET /home.php, this may vary depending on region and time/zone but don’t bother try to search all packets with HTTP GET for cookies.
Now from packet details window expand the packet information for above packet and you’ll get 8-10 different cookies that are stored by on victim’s PC. Right click and copy all cookies names and values in notepad.
Now open Mozilla Firefox browse to tools and open Cookie editor. Add each cookie to your cookie folder using Cookie editor.
 After adding each value, your cookie editor will show you following values in cookie list for facebook.
Now close Cookie editor and open Facebook, you’ll find yourself logged into the victims account.
Defense against this attack:
A system administrator should use tools used for countering sniffing.
Don’t log-in into your accounts if you know your LAN is not protected and if you want to log-in better use a tunneled connection.
Download Wireshark from
Download Add N Edit Cookies from Add-Ons Mozzila
Read how to use wireshark.
What is ARP poisoning ?
What is sniffing ?

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