List Of Best Spyware For You

Please note that all views mentioned here are my personal views about those tools and has nothing to do with anyone’s review. Views mentioned here are 100% my personal view about those spywares

Spy Tech Spy Agent:
A complete spyware package. As per my view is concerned no other spyware matches power of Spy Tech agent in functionality. It compromises all types of spyware monitoring tools in single pack. It can log keystrokes, list of windows opened, web-pages visited, logs internet traffic, can upload and download files, remains undetected from anti-virus, avoids detection from spyware removers, can send picture log as well as video log in DVD quality, can block unwanted sites providing flexible parental control, very low on resources, runs in complete stealth mode etc. The feature list is so big to discuss here. If you are in need of a spyware, my personal recommendation with full marks goes to Spy Tech Spy Agent.
Sniper Spy:
Next in list is Sniper Spy. Honestly speaking I think Sniper Spy and Spy Agent have tie for first place. They almost have same features and easy user interface inspite of several tools packed in a single bundle. Along with Spy Agent Sniper Spy is my personal choice to go for no matter which kind of spy monitoring I need. What makes it stand apart from other spywares is that you can monitor victim’s screen live as television. If you want to buy a spyware I give Sniper Spy my full marks.
Win Spy:
Holding second position on my list is Win Spy. With strong monitoring and anti-detection mechanism it have several modes of installation that can be used to fool victim to install it. Can capture screen shots, record desktop, email keylogs, download upload delete file option, anti-detection mechanism, remote desktop connection, remote file browser, ftp support and much more. This is also must buy from my side.
Sentry PC:
Next on my list is parental control spy software Sentry PC. It does not only allow parents to keep an eye on their children but also allows them to schedule time. As general feature it includes all basic features of good keylogger along with parental controls. As a parent if you are in need of a spyware this would be my recommendation if you don’t want to opt any of above.
Remote Spy:
A hacker’s choice Spy software. All basic features of good keylogger along with remote installation option.
Other Notable Spywares:
Again I want to make it clear the views about above spy software are my personal views I am not a software tester I am just another guy who loves hacking and have marked spywares according to their features.

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